Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi


Contribution of Hemp to the Region

Hemp will contribute significantly to the development of the region in terms of agriculture, industry, trade and employment. Hemp is a plant which can be utilized by different sectors and has the potential to start interdisciplinary R&D studies with its roots, stems, fibers, flowers, seeds, leaves, and overall biomass.

Industrial products and composite materials with high added value can be obtained from hemp. This will prepare the ground for the development of different sectors such as hemp based textile, bioplastics, cellulose, polymer and insulation materials in our region and thus, this might lead up to its development in our country.The focus area will bring contributions to the transfer of the R&D results obtained at our university to the field, and it will bring these results into economic value, contribute to the regional development, social benefit, increase individual income sources, and therefore this will lead to the decrease of migration. Agricultural products dominating the Yozgat region are grains and pulses. Industrial hemp will lead to the increase of product diversity in the region and create a cycle in the production system.

Considering the companies operating in Yozgat OIZ and in other fields, our city has the chance to transfer concrete R&D results related to the focus area directly to the industry. Pharmaceutical raw materials such as Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinoid (CNB) will be produced from hemp in line with the demands of the pharmaceutical industry, and the basis of the formation of this sector in our country will be provided.  Turkey imports a great amount of paper and paper products. Cellulose obtained from hemp stems will decrease the foreign source dependency of our country. Hemp, which is a plant suitable for use in many areas from construction to asphalt construction, from human nutrition to animal nutrition, will contribute to the regional economy with its multiple uses.

Thanks to hemp production, there will be domestic and foreign investments in Yozgat and the region will create new sectors, and with the investors’ collaboration with our University, these sectors will lead to the very rapid development in this field.