Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi


About Hemp

Hemp is one of the annual crops known for many years in the world and Turkey. Although it is a fiber plant in general, it is a plant suitable for multi-purpose use.  Besides having various types, the type of hemp cultivated and suitable for industrial use is Cannabis Sativa. Although the varieties belonging to this type and suitable for industrial use vary depending on ecological conditions, they can be 3-6 m long and have dioic or monoic types. Narlısaray which is indigenous to Turkey is a dioic type.  Hemp is a crop grown by irrigation, planted in spring and continue to grow in summer, and harvested in autumn. Although the vegetation period varies according to the purpose of use, it changes between 110-130 days.

With the mission differentiation project,

With the establishment and diversification of the hemp-based industry in Yozgat, it is aimed to develop hemp agriculture, and to utilize hemp in the composite and electronic technology, cellulose, textile, food, medicine, construction, biomaterials and bioenergy sectors and to obtain products with high added value.

Hemp is one of the oldest cultural plants of our country and Yozgat, and its importance and use has become more and more widespread in the world in recent years. Yozgat is one of the 19 cities permitted to produce hemp according to the hemp regulations.  Since hemp is one of the old plants of our country and Yozgat, and the importance and usage of it has increased in recent years, it is necessary to reconsider this plant and increase its production, and provide the necessary raw materials for the industry based on this plant. It is believed that this project will contribute greatly to the formation and development of the hemp-based sector in Yozgat and the region.